Burger King “Cut the Rope Time Travel Om Nom” Toys

Burger King Kids Meal “Cut the Rope Time Travel Om Nom” toys, 
available for collection from March 2013 at Burger King USA.
The BK Crown “Cut the Rope” box
There are 6 different Om Nom toys from 6 different periods in history. 
From pirates to pharaohs, playing with faces that change expressions & Reversible hats.

  1. Viking Om Nom
    • Take charge and sail the high seas with this Viking Om Nom.
  2. Prehistoric Om Nom
    • Travel back in time and ride dinosaurs with this Om Nom caveman.
  3. Caesar Om Nom
    • Rule over ancient Rome with this royal emperor Om Nom.
  4. Pharaoh Om Nom
    • Ride camels and build pyramids with this ancient king Om Nom.
  5. Renaissance Om Nom
    • Create classic masterworks with this legendary Om Nom artiste.
  6. Pirate Om Nom
    • Set sail for treasure with this swashbuckling Om Nom.


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