Burger King “The Jungle Book” Toys

Burger King Kids Meal “The Jungle Book” toys, available for collection from
June 2013 at Burger King USA.
Burger King is bringing Mowgli, Baloo and the rest of the Jungle Crew to life with six great toys, one in each Kids Meal!


The Jungle Book activity box is filled with great games like Bagheera’s Word Search and Match the Paw Print.

The Jungle Book – Appu Modeling Set


The Jungle Book – Bagheera Light


The Jungle Book – Baloo Telescope


The Jungle Book – Kaa’s Stripes Trail Game


The Jungle Book – Mowgli Tiger Craw Pendant


The Jungle Book – Sherekhan Tiger Face

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4 thoughts on “Burger King “The Jungle Book” Toys

  1. Anonymous

    Bought a kids meal for my daughter… we get the tiger face. Weird cause it looks like a thong with no strings. Too small for her face and she's four! Lol

  2. Anonymous

    My daughter lost the instructions for the card game before she could play it, and we can't find them online anywhere. Does anyone know how the game is played? We thought it was a Memory game, but there are 4 of each card.

  3. Anonymous

    Haha yea we had the same thought when our kids got them and they dont stay on the face stupid things

  4. Anonymous

    I have the instruction but couldnt make any sense out of it

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